Developing 9 Amazing Healthy Habits around TMS Therapy!

Habits Around TMS

Most people struggling with depression or other challenging mental health conditions know it can be a grueling experience that sucks the air out of your lungs and makes appropriate functioning feel impossible. For some, their conditions last for many years and feel like an endless uphill battle paved with heavy consequences. These include difficult experiences like unstable employment, complicated relationships, and financial difficulties.

When such debilitating symptoms are a part of your life, you may seek any possible treatments to relieve the daily pain. And you may be incredibly desperate if many other conventional approaches to treatment have failed you.

You may have heard of TMS therapy or transcranial magnetic stimulation and are wondering if it is an option you should consider. But, like many, the idea of TMS brings up images of electro-convulsive therapy or something similarly intimidating.

However, TMS is a non-invasive approach proven to treat depression. While it can be incredibly effective independently, you can also do things to enhance your treatment outcomes! One of those ways is by building healthy habits around your TMS therapy.

In this blog post, we’ll explore healthy habits you can include while receiving TMS therapy. The act of building upon healthy habits, also known as habit stacking, can improve your life in ways that make TMS therapy even more comprehensive. By making these simple changes, you can vastly improve your daily life and make the most out of TMS treatment.

When beginning TMS therapy, it’s critical to prioritize making the experience as positive as possible. Shifting life around and reframing your mindset can ensure you feel optimistic about TMS sessions. You can create positive associations that improve outcomes!

Developing 9 Amazing Healthy Habits around TMS Therapy!

1) Schedule TMS Therapy Sessions around Other Activities You Already Enjoy

Developing healthy habits around TMS sessions is vital to improving your TMS experience. This little step can significantly enhance your results and feelings about attending sessions. Take your time when scheduling sessions, and be thoughtful about activities on days you receive treatment. Do what you can to schedule sessions around activities you already enjoy. Pleasurable activities may include weekly trips to the organic grocer or attending your favorite yoga class.

Scheduling your TMS therapy appointments mindfully reduces stress. It also helps ensure you’ll continue attending TMS sessions for the complete course of treatment because it will feel less like a chore. Conscious scheduling also increases the likelihood that you will continue to include activities you love in your weekly routine, even after treatment ends. Doing things you love helps to promote a positive outlook on life and a sense of purpose.

Lastly, scheduling enjoyable habits around TMS therapy also removes the sense that treatment is separate from your daily life. Stacking healthy habits around TMS therapy is about integrating them comfortably and optimally.

2) Make Sure to Eat Healthy and Exercise before TMS Therapy Sessions

Make it a priority to nourish your body with healthy food and moderate exercise while receiving TMS therapy to support positive outcomes. For many eating a nutritious, balanced diet and moving the body can reduce stress levels, improve confidence, and make anxiety more manageable. Including proper nutrition and physical activity in your daily plan helps to generate lasting mental health improvements while receiving TMS therapy.

3) Minimize Addiction and the Use of Chemical Substances

Research shows that compulsive habits and addictions negatively affect mental health. Evidence now supports using TMS therapy for those struggling with addictive behaviors like smoking. If you are struggling with addiction, you must discuss your experiences with your TMS provider to determine your best course of action. You may have options that can improve your life.

4) Hydrate, Especially on Days When You Have TMS Therapy

Ensure to drink lots of water throughout the day, especially when going in for TMS therapy. Hydrating will go a long way in keeping you feeling your best! Water plays a critical role in regulating the body and overall health. It helps transport oxygen throughout your system, moderates internal temperature, and flushes toxins.

Another fact many don’t recognize is that by keeping the body regulated, water helps you feel focused and more alert. These features can lead to improved mood and overall outlook.

5) Avoid Caffeine or Alcohol before and after TMS Therapy Sessions

While caffeine and alcohol are legal substances many consume, taking them before or after TMS therapy sessions can negatively impact your sessions and overall treatment results. If you have habits involving these chemical substances, now may be an excellent time to evaluate your usage.

Most TMS providers recommend avoiding caffeine while receiving treatment. However, consistent and modest intake is typically okay for most patients. It would be best if you stopped consuming all alcohol, though. Drinking alcohol significantly increases the risk of seizure in TMS patients. Discussing your use of these substances with your TMS provider and the other practitioners is critical.

6) Practice Self Care Habits around Your TMS Sessions

Taking a mental and physical break is essential for your mental health and personal well-being. While it can feel inconvenient, research shows it’s significant. Carving time out of each day to care for yourself is essential to any successful undertaking, including TMS therapy.

Developing habits like spending more time outside, engaging in a favorite hobby, or meditating for fifteen minutes to quiet the mind can relieve stress and promote healing. Best of all, it’s not overly challenging to stack these habits, and they don’t have to be expensive!

Life can be busy, but it’s important to remember that some variables within our control affect our mental health. Ultimately, we are responsible for taking steps towards self-improvement, even when things can be difficult. Your well-being is worth investing in, and you shouldn’t take that lightly.

7) Journal Feelings That May Come Up During Treatment

For some, receiving TMS therapy can bring up some underlying emotions. While these emotions are not always negative and can be genuinely healing for long-term treatment outcomes, preparing is critical. Employing techniques like journaling can help you process your experiences, reframe your perspective, and move past emotional suffering.

8) Set Goals While Receiving Treatment

To increase the value of your treatment, try setting some simple goals for yourself. If this feels like too much to take on, skip this step. However, setting goals can help you see how far you’ve come since starting treatment. Goals also keep you focused on your desired outcome when the going gets tough.

9) Develop Great Sleep Habits Around TMS Therapy

Ensuring you get a good night’s sleep before TMS therapy sessions can affect how you feel before and after sessions. Developing terrific habits around sleep doesn’t have to be complicated or require hours of research. Simple practices like getting a solid 8 hours, avoiding screens before bed, or unwinding before you close your eyes can improve life and sleep while receiving TMS therapy.

Integrative Healthcare Center and Your Habits Around TMS Therapy

This blog has outlined some great habits you can develop around your TMS therapy to improve your life and overall treatment experience. From scheduling sessions mindfully, including activities you love, and eating a balanced diet, these simple practices can bring you closer to the relief you seek. While TMS therapy is cutting-edge and changing lives, your hard work can maximize your results and lead to more effective and enjoyable sessions.

If you’re searching for a healthcare approach that treats you, the whole person, not just the symptoms you’re experiencing, consider TMS treatment with Integrative Healthcare Center. We offer mental health services that address many wellness areas, leading to better outcomes for those affected. We are here for you each step of the way.

Call us today at (844) 222-3176  or visit us here.

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