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Compulsive buying disorder: a hand holding up a card and four shopping bags dangling from their straps.

Compulsive Buying Disorder: Unraveling the Shopping Obsession

In today’s consumer-driven society, shopping has become integral to daily life. While most people enjoy the occasional shopping spree, some individuals find themselves trapped in a never-ending cycle of needing …

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Survivor's guilt: a cuffed hand waving with one of the cuff's shattering.

Survivor’s Guilt: The Burden of Emotional Survival

Survivor’s guilt is a complex psychological phenomenon experienced by individuals who have survived a traumatic event, such as a disaster, accident, war, or illness when others involved in the same …

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Intrusive thoughts

Intrusive Thoughts: 6 Tips For Getting Through

Do you ever experience intrusive thoughts that prevent you from completing your daily tasks? Are you ever having a casual or fun experience when suddenly a disturbing thought enters your …

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World brain day: a silhouette of a person with differently colored flowers emerging from their brain.

Celebrate World Brain Day: Maintaining a Healthy Brain

In the ever-evolving field of neuroscience, the human brain remains an enigmatic marvel, holding the key to our thoughts, emotions, and actions. World Brain Day is a momentous occasion celebrated …

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Rock bottom: someone slumped over a desk with scattered papers and a full glass of wine.

Rock Bottom: A Catalyst For Overcoming Addiction

Addiction is a powerful and destructive force that can consume individuals and leave them trapped in a vicious cycle. Hitting rock bottom is often associated with addiction, representing a critical …

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A hand holding a magnet pointed at several cardboard cutouts of people.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) And Treatment-Resistant Depression: 4 Crucial Facts

In recent years, psychiatry has witnessed remarkable advancements in treating depression, particularly for individuals who do not respond adequately to traditional therapies. One such breakthrough is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), …

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